Asher Wycoff


Political "Scientist"

Photograph by Paula Vlodkowsky
I'm Asher Wycoff, a political theorist living and working in New York City. My research intervenes in modern political thought, contentious politics, and political theology. I received my PhD in Political Science from the CUNY Graduate Center, with concentrations in Political Theory and Comparative Politics. My dissertation traces the analogy between revolution and apocalypse through major developments in the modern liberal tradition.

Over the years, I have taught various introductory, theory, and methods courses in Political Science at Lehman College and Brooklyn College. Selected syllabi, writing, and a short CV are linked above.

For general inquiries, or just to say hi, you can reach me via email or Mastodon:
wycoff (at) proton (dot) me
asher (at) sciences (dot) social