Moving the blog, again

February 01, 2022 — Asher Wycoff

Quick one here! I'm once again moving the blog, this time from its separate home on Neocities to a /blog directory on my primary website. There's no particular reason for this besides cost saving: linking a domain name to Neocities costs money, and the .blog domain I got for a steep discount last April was set to renew for considerably more than I paid for it the first time. (Incidentally, if anybody wants to grab and redirect it to the Pitchfork review of Shine On or something, it will become available in a couple months.)


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Digital pedagogy redux

September 22, 2021 — Asher Wycoff

Monica Chin's new article in The Verge is getting a lot of buzz for highlighting something that many college faculty will doubtless have noticed: Gen Z students don't really think in terms of files and folders. Faculty from a range of institutions, public and private, two-year and R1, report having difficulty explaining to students how to locate files by following directory pathways. If a file doesn't turn up in global search, it may as well not exist. The story presents this in terms of a generation gap, with much of the disconnect explained by the ubiquity of search engines and students' greater familiarity with mobile over desktop computing, while faculty generally have the opposite. But there's displaced emphasis on the former over the latter, which I think is one of the deeper problems.


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