About This Website

This is a simple static site, so there's not much to it. It's a few text documents formatted in X/HTML and CSS. This site is hosted by NearlyFreeSpeech and maintained with the stock KDE tools: Kate for edits, Dolphin for SFTP. The blog is generated with Bashblog. There is no client-side scripting or storage (no JavaScript, no cookies).

When I make changes to the layout, I check for standards compliance, and that all pages display as intended in the major rendering engines. I include the usual viewport and @media properties so everything looks OK on mobile. If you come across anything not working as it should, please email me.

I use a generic, cross-platform font stack for everything except the header text. That's a font based on my (print) handwriting, which I call "Tragicomic Sans." I made it with Birdfont years ago, and it's sloppy and badly kerned, but you're welcome to download it anyway.

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