You've found the colophon! This is where I lay out the technical details of the website. If that sounds boring to you, or you didn't mean to come here, I don't blame you for going back.

This is a simple static site, so there's not much mystery to how it works. It's text documents formatted in HTML and CSS, running a little JavaScript for the navigation bar. My host is NFSN. My FTP client of choice is Cyberduck. I write pretty much everything in the free version of BBEdit, née TextWrangler. For more text-heavy pages like this one, I might write the initial draft with org syntax in Emacs (which is where I do most of my "real" writing at the moment), then pandoc export to HTML.

When I make significant changes to the site (usually every few months out of boredom), I check that they display (mostly) as intended in the latest stable versions of the three major rendering engines. I include the usual @media properties so it doesn't completely break on mobile browsers. I'm a Firefox/Librewolf guy, so this site will probably always play nicest with Gecko. I know it's only a matter of time before Google consumes the Web, and Chrome becomes the new Internet Explorer, but I'll fight that as long as I can. If you come across anything on the site not working as it should, please shoot me an email.

This site uses standard, cross-platform fonts for just about everything, save for my name in the sidebar. That's a font based on my handwriting, which I made using Birdfont years ago. It's called Tragicomic Sans, and it's not a very good font, but you're welcome to download it anyway. One of these days I might clean it up and fix the kerning issues, but probably not.